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LOGONA History

Logona Cosmetics is a leading supplier of high quality natural personal care products, offering a range of unique products that contain organic herbs and botanicals.

The story of how this company emerged is tied in with the rise of the natural marketplace in Germany during the 1970s. This is when a wave of environmental activism and consciousness came through Europe. The idea was to love and care for the earth, through renewable energy, organic agriculture and environmental responsibility. It was during this environmental wave that Logona developed their products. In 1975 a group of friends the city of Hanover, in Germany, opened a store that featured a hand-picked selection of products that upheld the values of this movement. Their shop offered high quality personal care products with an environmental conscience, so that customers could look their best while caring for the earth.

After a while, the ‘Lorien Goods’ group became to import more products as well as wholesale them to other stores. In 1977, they began manufacturing their own high quality organic products and the “LOGONA” brand was born.

The inspiration for these products was a deep love for preserving the wonder of nature and each formula is made with organically grown herbs, botanicals, oils and essences. Today, there are more than 200 Logona natural personal care products. Each of these high quality products are made with only the finest raw organic materials, including vegetable oils and waxes, floral distillates and herbal extracts.

As well as only using the best natural ingredients, the personal care products created by Logona conform to the ecological standards of the industry. This means that as little resources as possible are used during the manufacturing process and the finished products are packaged with recyclable materials. 

Trust in the Quality of Our Products

 It requires an incredibly high standard of manufacturing to produce personal care products that do not contain synthetic preservatives. The raw material and the finish product must be handled carefully, to avoid the slightest contamination. The manufacturing procedures at Logona comply with GMP or Good Manufacturing Practice, which is the standard in the pharmaceutical production industry.

Logona has also successfully passed an “Environmental Audit” which was mandated by the German federal government in 1999. 


More Than 25 Years of Continuous Improvement

Logona has grown steadily over the past decades, but it has always remained loyal to the earth-friendly principles which inspired it. Throughout the years, the company has continuously grown and developed according to advantages in manufacturing techniques as well as stricter green ingredient standards.

There are many people from the early formation of the company that still work there today. Logona holds fairness and social responsibility as a high priority when it comes to relating to its more than 140 full time employees.

As the Logona products have improved, the company has stayed committed to a strong sense of environmental responsibility. The overall goal is to produce a high quality line of wonderfully luxurious natural personal care products with the least impact on the earth and its natural resources. 

German Personal Care Products Lead the Way

There is a long tradition in Germany of manufacturing personal care products and cosmetics with natural herbal ingredients. Even before Logona came on the scene, German manufacturers were known for their superb products. As part of the modern generation of German natural personal care product manufacturers, Logona stands on the shoulders of these traditions while striving ahead with new techniques and innovation.

What are some of the reasons why German natural personal care products are so high in quality? It comes down to strict regulations, difficult-to-obtain certification and a very competitive market. 


Strong Competition Creates High Quality Innovation

There are a number of superb brands of natural personal care products manufactured in Germany, as well as several new brands emerging every year. This high amount of competition creates a thriving marketplace where very high standards must be upheld. These products must be of superior quality to survive in this competitive market and impress consumers. German manufacturers, such as Logona, are constantly striving towards innovation and improvement to stay on the cutting edge of the market.

High Standards for German Natural Product Certification

Natural personal care products in Germany are certified according to the same common values and requirements. Each company needs to conform to the requirements of the trade association BDIH, which defines what a natural product should be. The “Certified Natural” seal of approval from BDIH is only given to products which have been thoroughly tested by independent laboratories and certified to comply with the guidelines. This type of rigorous program ensures that customers can trust the term “natural” when buying personal care products. 


German Governmental Regulations Ensure Accuracy

When you purchase natural products from Logona, you can rest assured that every ingredient in the bottle will be clearly listed on the side. This is because the German government is very strict when it comes to ingredient declarations that are printed on packaging. Government agents regularly test and inspect the manufacturing locations as well as test product samples so that fraudulent ingredient listings are eliminated. At Logona, we only use the finest and most natural ingredients and we are honest with you about what they contain. 

Media Role Improves Consumer Confidence

When it comes to buying natural products, the German consumer has access to an incredible amount of unbiased and high quality information crucial for evaluating products. For example, ÖKO-TEST, is a monthly magazine that reviews and rates consumer products on how well they live up to their environmental commitments and promises. The magazine looks objectively at leading brands from the natural product marketplace as well as the traditional market and examines their performance, ingredients, packaging and price. This magazine is one of the many sources helping German consumers to be more aware of the truth behind the products they are purchasing.