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You are a strong, confident man and you want to look your best. You understand that this means maintaining healthy looking skin but you don’t want to mess around with feminine scented lotions or complicated procedures. You want the best product and to know for certain that it works well for you.

 Sante formulated its Homme, Homme II and Homme 365 face and body care lines taking into consideration the specific demands of male skin which differs significantly from female skin.

 Did you know, for example, that male skin produces more oil due to the high levels of testosterone? It is also 20-30% thicker than women’s skin! It therefore tends to absorb cosmetic products more slowly which makes it necessary to use non greasy and light moisturisers.

 Male skin is more sensitive due to its more frequent exposure to negative environmental factors, daily shaving and the disturbance of the skin’s protective acid mantle. Another interesting fact is that male skin ages differently – it gradually becomes thinner and therefore drier. The opposite is true for the texture and pigmentation changes women experience in their skin.

SANTE Homme nourishes and protects men’s skin through plant extracts from white tea and organic Aloe Vera. Woody-spicy nuances and a fresh lemony touch combine to create a fragrance experience that is both manly and distinctive. Vegan and gluten-free.

SANTE Homme II cares for and revitalises your skin with valuable extracts of organic Acai berries, organic Aloe Vera and organic Caffeine. Tangy-fresh hints and a light lemony quality unite to produce a composition of masculine, fresh fragrances. Vegan and gluten-free.

 Each range consists of:

Shaving foam - the natural ingredients contained in the foam such as organic Aloe Vera and essential oils help to soften your beard making it easier to cut. The slippery smooth texture of the foam helps the razor glide effortlessly over your skin and gives you a closer cut. The thick foam will also help your hair to stand upright making shaving easier.

Facial moisture fluid – a non-oily light fluid that is easy to apply and is absorbed quickly, so that you can obtain an excellent moistursing effect in an instant. Just apply it after washing your face or shaving and you can immediately enjoy healthy, glowing, younger looking skin all day long. This natural product contains Shea butter, Aloe Vera, Sweet Almond and Jojoba - all of which are powerful natural moisturising ingredients.

 After shave lotion - made with high quality natural ingredients which work together to benefit your skin in a number of ways. It offers powerful and effective moisturising in a product that is not finicky, is easy to use and masculine scented. Even the most low maintenance man can begin the habit of applying this lotion after shaving and see a significant difference in how his skin looks.

 Deodorant Spray – contains organic botanical ingredients instead of harsh chemicals, so you can enjoy the fresh scent without irritating your skin. At the same time, the natural ingredients will soothe and refresh your skin. This gentle vegan and gluten free deodorant spray will soon become an essential part of your daily routine.

 Body&Hair Shower gel - the perfect product for the active modern man. It can be used for both your hair and body, giving you head to toe cleanliness in minutes. This mild formula is made with high quality plant extracts and foaming agents and has a fresh and invigorating masculine woody aroma. It is also gluten free and vegan.

 In 2013 Sante introduced a brand new line – Homme 365. Sante Homme 365 does not compromise! As with all SANTE products, Homme 365 contains only organically certified plant-based natural ingredients and essential extracts and oils. Homme 365 shower gel gives you just the right kick to start off an active day. Homme 365 Eau de Toilette is a pure and natural (and the first NaTrue certified) fragrance for real men. The freshness of grapefruit and orange is combined with the pleasing aromas of sandalwood, tobacco and vanilla.