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We ladies like to believe in fairy tales, don’t we? “Once upon a time…”and “… happily ever after.” As a child I was charmed by the tale about Rapunzel and her long and strong hair – so thick that even the prince could hold it climbing the wall of the tower. As a teenager I had very thin and dull hair and therefore envied Rapunzel’s beautiful locks.

I actually tried to find out how do I manage to improve the condition of my hair? How do I fight against the damage to my hair caused by the elements?

The answer was simple – to treat my hair as if I was a princess. Back then it was not easy. Luckily now every lady, including you, can feel all the benefits of natural hair care with the new Sante hair conditioner Natural Care!

Natural Care conditioner features a rich array of ingredients: mango butter, broccoli seed oil and organic nettle extract. Complementing each other and producing stunning results – shiny, healthy and silky hair that is full of volume and elasticity.

Mango Butter nourishes and smoothes the hair surface.

Broccoli seed oil, known as "natural silicone", penetrates deep into the hair and smoothes its surface. Making your hair a lot easier to comb.

Nettle Extract strengthens the hair roots, promotes hair growth and boosts volume.

More importantly, you will enjoy the best effects after leaving the conditioner on wet hair for just 1-2 minutes!

So, my story has a great ending too. From when I discovered Sante Natural Care conditioner, I could start enjoying everyday knowing that my hair looks just perfect – shiny, silky and voluminous.