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In your face! SANTE new Face Care range!

Hello Sante fans!  Sante has something truly special for you – all new face care line. Changes are drastic: packaging, formulas and fragrances. Only quality is the same – German certified organic!

Face cleansing and toning

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Sante Family - our Summer special!

SANTE Family – for little and adult nature lovers

Have you already experienced how juicy pineapple, zesty lemon, warming vanilla and sweet coconut transform your shower experience into a total pleasure? Not yet? It is time to try our SANTE Family cosmetics range! Gently...

Sante Homme for a groomed appearance and a great feeling

You are a strong, confident man and you want to look your best. You understand that this means maintaining healthy looking skin but you don’t want to mess around with feminine scented lotions or complicated procedures. You want the best product and to know for certain that it works well for...

The smell of freshly harvested herbs. SANTE Family

Every season brings its own flavours and aromas – freshly cut grass, crunchy apples, blossoming cherry trees, juicy water melons… SANTE offers you to move those amazing scents to your bathroom, introducing four new FAMILY products which will perfectly suit the tastes of each family member.


SANTE nail varnish with a character

“First of all let me explain why I chose Sante nail varnish. For me it is crucial that a varnish does not contain formaldehyde and resin, whereas it appears I am allergic to these harmful ingredients (when I used to apply conditional nail varnishes my skin was...

SANTE FAMILY cosmetic line extension

They are all so different – and so are their mornings. Dad Tom spends 15 minutes in the bathroom, prefers sandwiches and coffee for breakfast and listens to the News on the Radio while he drives to work. Mom Sarah is...


Sante creates and cherishes

Hair sprays and styling foams that resemble oven cleaners and feel like furniture polish are things of the past. We...

Sante toothpastes. Smart and even smarter.

How many servings of ice cream, cupcakes and desserts can you get away with before they start to have a negative effect on the health of your teeth? The bad news is that all these sweet things...

Sante and Logona receive the awards from Natural Health Magazine

We are pleased to announce that our both brands Logona and Sante have been awarded by Natural Health Magazine which is UK’s top expert in natural and organic lifestyle and cosmetic...